Photo of childlike sketch of a happy family holding hands in the sunshine (stock photo © Dawn Hudson)
Families who meditate together grow together! Joy, self-expression, and mutual support flourish when family members practice NSR and live free from accumulated stress. Everyone 14 years old and up can learn.

Note: a separate order form must be submitted for each family member who wishes instruction. Each family member must order their own learning materials.

We highly recommend Conscious Mental Rest (CMR) for children below the age of 14, including children diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD or ADHD), and for adults with learning difficulties. CMR is a related technique that increases alertness and decreases stress and restlessness, in a gentle way suitable for a child. It is also an excellent preparation for learning NSR when they reach 14. We recommend instruction and ongoing support by parents or guardians, who must practice NSR or another transcending technique regularly and gently encourage the child on a daily or frequent basis to practice their CMR.

In return for our recommending CMR, we only ask that you keep us informed of your child's experiences with it.