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The Natural Stress Relief© Technique Q107:What is Natural Stress Relief© (NSR©)? A:NSR© is an inexpensive and easily learned effortless mental technique, practiced for 15 minutes twice a day while sitting comfortably, that dissolves stored stress efficiently and brings fulfillment to all areas of life in a natural way. AA:Scientific research and the experience of over a thousand clients verifies the unique state of restful alertness that we experience while practicing NSR© as well as the decrease in anxiety, increase in creativity and comprehension, and the many other beneficial effects in daily life that result from the elimination of stress. Q108:How does NSR© differ from other stress reduction techniques and practices? A:NSR© is effective, effortless, lasting, inexpensive, and scientifically validated. Other techniques generally have problems in one or more of these areas. AA:For example, other techniques may involve difficult and distracting physical positions or activities, or tiring and unproductive concentration on a single image, concept, or phrase. Such techniques may appear to work at first, either because of some relaxation or due to the placebo effect, but these promising early effects usually disappear over time.

Unlike other stress reduction techniques, NSR© is easy and enjoyable, maintains its effectiveness over time, and does not involve any mysticism, "new age" beliefs, or pseudoscience. Instead of advocating "living in the now" or "being good to all creatures", NSR© eliminates the stresses that prevent our being able to live these realities. Q109:How is NSR© learned? A:NSR© is learned over three days at one's own pace by following the six lessons contained in a 48-page manual and accompanying audio CD. Note: the manual is printed in English (we hope to be able to offer other formats, including other languages and braille, in the future). These learning materials are also available by computer download for use at your computer. Q114:Can anyone learn? A:Almost anyone can learn. Here is a comprehensive list of all the current requirements: AA: Q115:How much time will it take out of my day? A:NSR requires only 15 minutes in the morning and another 15 minutes in the evening. This provides refreshed days and refreshed evenings. Q116:Will NSR take me months or even years to master? A:No. Learning NSR requires only two 30-minute lessons a day for 3 days. Q117:Will it take months or even years to see benefits from practicing NSR? A:No. For most practitioners, noticeable benefits in daily life begin during the first three days. A few practitioners find remarkable results even in their very first experience of NSR. Q119:Does NSR reduce anxiety? Or: I'm afraid I'm too tense to meditate. A:NSR brings relief from anxiety right away, even if you are very tense, upset, or preoccupied. AA:The reduction in anxiety has been documented through psychological measurements on a statistically significant random sample of practitioners. One paper on this ongoing research has been published, and others are in preparation. Some of those ordering the NSR course are invited at random to participate in these studies. Q113:I have too many thoughts to meditate. Or: I can't keep my mind still. Or: I can't stop thinking. A:It isn't necessary to push thoughts away or stop thinking. Such attempts are a strain to the mind, since it is the very nature of the mind to generate thoughts. AA:A little bit of honey works better than a whip to keep a bear in one place. In NSR, we use the natural tendency of the mind to seek fields of greater enjoyment and satisfaction. We reduce the intensity of thoughts in a natural and easy way by thinking a thought that becomes more enjoyable the quieter it becomes. Q118:Will I become so relaxed that I am not motivated for success? A: No. One can actually work better, faster, and more creatively if one is refreshed. NSR efficiently dissolves the stress that interferes with effective and productive work. Q101:Why are your prices so low? A:Our prices are low because instead of supporting teachers and meditation centers, we offer a simple and effective do-it-yourself program that requires only a manual and audio CD. AA:Other ways we keep prices low include being a nonprofit educational corporation; having employees who volunteer instead of being paid; and keeping paid advertising to a minimum.

We do this work as a labor of love so everyone can have this valuable knowledge of how to live life in increasing satisfaction based on creativity, intelligence, and achievement, instead of having to live with burdened by increasing problems due to the accumulation of daily stress. Q102:Is there a money-back guarantee on the NSR© course? A:No. It is actually better for our clients not to have one. AA:We want people to try NSR© with an open mind, innocently, following the instructions as given. We do not offer a money-back guarantee because we do not want to set up even the slightest expectation of failure and because we have found that some financial commitment helps to ensure that clients will actually sit down and learn. After the success of over a thousand clients, it is certain that anyone who has the desire to learn, who can read printed English (other formats will be available in the future), and who can follow simple instructions can learn NSR©.

Besides, we will reduce our low price even further in cases of genuine financial need. We want make NSR© available to everyone who wants to learn it. Q111:Does the quality of Natural Stress Relief© compare favorably with other stress-reduction techniques? A:Yes, definitely! AA:Research studies have shown that NSR© is just as effective as the best available stress-reduction techniques, as evaluated by objective measures of both state and trait anxiety. Unsolicited feedback received from NSR© clients confirms its naturalness and its dramatic efficiency in dissolving stress, leaving practitioners refreshed, productive, more loving in relationships, and less burdened by stress-related pain and illness. Q110:I wanted to learn Transcendental Meditation® but found out that its course fee is so high that I cannot possibly afford it. Is Natural Stress Relief© the same thing as TM®, just cheaper? A:NSR© is certainly comparable to TM®, but it is not the same, and is not taught by the same organization. AA:TM® has several advantages, including initial personal instruction by a trained and experienced meditation teacher and three subsequent instruction sessions in a group setting.

Besides its lower price, NSR© avoids several aspects of TM® that tend to alienate people, such as its rigid mysticism (see the next answer for details about these problems).

We have a detailed chart comparing NSR© and TM®. Q112:What do you think of Transcendental Meditation®? A:We think that TM® is great as a technique to reduce stress and improve life, and that at least one of its advanced programs (the TM-Sidhi program) is marvelous for personal growth (see www.tm.org to learn about TM® at its main website; see also our page about Maharishi Mahesh Yogi).

However, TM® has a number of unreasonable and unnecessary policies and behaviors that alienate many people. It is our great joy to offer NSR© as an alternative to Transcendental Meditation with which everyone can feel comfortable. AA:Ways in which TM® alienates people:


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